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Creed II HD

Creed II

Creed II (2018) บ่มแชมป์เลือดนักชก 2

Creed II

Creed II Three years after losing to “Pretty Ricky Conlan”, “Pretty Ricky Conlan,” Donnie Kreed was victorious in six consecutive fights. The culmination was winning against Danny “Stuntman” Wheeler and he won the WBC World Heavyweight Championship. The 1965 Ford Mustang has been returned to him. Today, he is a global star. Donnie proposes to his girlfriend, Bianca Taylor, who is willing to get married. When Bianca proposes an exciting new life with her in Los Angeles, Donnie is reluctant to leave Philadelphia since it would mean losing his trainer, Rocky Balboa.

Ivan Drago is a former Soviet boxer who was shot dead by Apollo Creed in 1985. He was later defeated by Rocky. With the help of promoter Buddy Marcelle, Ivan pits his son, Viktor Drago, against Donnie. Donnie sets off for Los Angeles after Rocky refuses support of Donnie’s decision not to accept Viktor Drago’s challenge.

Donnie and Bianca are settled in a luxurious apartment in Los Angeles close to Donnie’s adoptive mother and Apollo’s widow, Mary Anne. Bianca discovers she is pregnant while they adjust to their new lifestyles and prepare for their first match. Donnie employs Tony “Little Duke” the son of his father’s trainer, and later Rocky’s coach, to coach him. Overwhelmed by his life’s recent events, he hurries into the fight and gets badly injured. Viktor is disqualified from striking Donnie as he is laying down. Donnie retains the World Heavyweight Championship. But, Viktor becomes extremely popular in Russia and wins a string of fights featuring top talent.

The body and ego of Donnie are destroyed, Donnie becomes increasingly disconnected from Bianca. Mary Anne approaches Rocky and he reconciles with Donnie. He accepts to train him against Viktor who is going through painful physical exams at Ivan’s feet. Bianca is the mother of Amara, a daughter. Amara, and Rocky is named her godfather. However, Donnie and Bianca realize Amara is born deaf, inheriting it from her mother’s advancing hearing loss.

As Viktor taunts Donnie publicly, he faces continuous pressure from his father in the background, who enjoys the attentions of the media and other Russian delegates. At a state dinner, Viktor and Ivan meet Ludmilla, his mother and Ivan’s ex-wife for the first time in several years after she abandoned them after Ivan’s defeat to Rocky. Furious at the sight Ludmilla, Viktor chastises Ivan for engaging with the same people who had thrown out the pair at the beginning. In the meantime, Rocky and Little Duke train Donnie in a decrepit location within the California desert, focusing on fighting from the inside and training Donnie’s body to withstand the hefty blow he will receive from Viktor in the arena.

Moscow is a better place to rematch because Donnie is more concentrated and in control than Viktor. Viktor is accustomed to knocking out victories and his fights rarely go beyond the fourth round. Donnie takes advantage of this and takes a beating from Viktor even after his ribs are broken. In the 10th round, Donnie unleashes an array of devastating blows and is able to knock Viktor down two times. Ludmilla leaves Viktor following the knockdown. Ivan realizes that Viktor was lying earlier. An exhausted Viktor is taken down by a defender and is hit with multiple strikes without defending himself and is unable to surrender. Ivan realizes that the safety of his son is more important than Russia’s elite approval and gives up his fight to help his son. He assures the devastated Viktor it is okay that he lost, and accepts his loss. When Bianca arrives in the ring to party together with Donnie as well as Little Duke, Rocky recuses himself, telling Donnie that “It’s your turn”, and takes a seat to watch the trio from outside of the Ring.

Viktor and Ivan then train with Ivan in Ukraine. Donnie goes to the grave of Apollo, where he makes peace with his father’s passing and the responsibility of continuing his legacy while Donnie and Bianca introduce his granddaughter with an updated set of hearing aids. Rocky travels to Vancouver to be at peace with his exiled son, Robert Jr., and also meets his grandchild Logan for the first time. He is struck by the similarities between him and Adrian and his wife, who died and Robert’s mother.